v1.5.1 10/1/2021

Core Changes

  • Support Windows build #245 @venjiang

v1.5.0-alpha-HD🍼 9/24/2021

Core Changes

  • Introduce Frame @venjiang
  • Immutable streams @xiaojian-hong
  • Decoupling Y3 codec from user land @fanweixiao

This version takes 2 months with 90 commits, with a lot of performance tuning stuffs. During this period, our core contributor @xiaojian-hong got his baby, so, this version of yomo, we use HD, the name of baby, as code name of current version :)

v1.4.0-beta 8/24/2021

Core Changes

  • Replace framing with Y3 frame #211

v1.4.0-alpha 8/19/2021

Core Changes

  • Rename source/flow/sink #173
  • Simplify workflow.yaml #174
  • stream-fn is optional to use the Encode operator.
  • Improve the throughput when high concurrency.
  • Add more tests.

v1.3.7 7/15/2021

Core Changes

  • refactor(log): add log when reconnecting to zipper (#206)
  • chore(deps): bump from 1.17.0 to 1.18.1 (#202)
  • fix(mesh): print the received data when no sinks in zipper-receiver (#204)
  • fix(mesh): print the information when downloading the mesh config (#203)
  • fix(zipper): decode frame before sending data to downstream zipper (#201)
  • update links (#200) (#199)

v1.3.6 6/28/2021

Core Changes

  • fix(zipper): make sure sink receives all data from zipper
  • fix(rx): make Encode optional in Serverless Handler func

v1.3.5 6/24/2021

Core Changes

  • feat(logger): add logger to print different level logs (#195)
  • add example demonstrate how to transfer raw binary data with YoMo (#194)
  • chore(deps): bump from 0.21.0 to 0.21.1 (#193)
  • chore(deps): bump from 1.6.9 to 1.7.0 (#196)

v1.3.4 6/21/2021

Core Changes

  • fix(buffer): increase the buffer size and support custom size via env (#192)

v1.3.3 6/18/2021

Core Changes

  • fix(server): heartbeat send (#190)
  • feat(framing): add frame length to support large data (#191)

v1.3.2 6/11/2021

Core Changes

  • Update to latest version
  • fix(client): add RetryWithCount and fix connection bug (#188)
  • refactor(runtime): migrate runtime codes from cli project to yomo (#189)

v1.3.1 6/7/2021

Core Changes

  • refactor(cli): clean CLI related files (#186)
  • fix(client): increase the timeout of heartbeat to 5s.

v1.3.0 6/4/2021

Core Changes

  • feat(mesh): add zipper-sender client (#180) (#184)
  • fix(zipper): only one stream between zipper and flow (#179)

v1.2.520❤️ 5/20/2021

Core Changes

  • feat(workflow): Restructure the connection creation (#169), serverless applications can be deployed anywhere!
  • feat(codec): Support JSON codec (#166), integrating WebSocket with YoMo way much easier!
  • feat(quic): Use 0-RTT in QUIC client (#167)

v1.1.0 4/30/2021

Core Changes

  • Zip more than 3 streams

v1.0.0 3/1/2021

Core Changes

  • Read from multiple sources
  • Write-back to streams
  • Add more examples and use cases

v0.7.7 2/23/2021

Core Changes

  • Bump y3-codec-golang to v1.6.4.
  • Rename Y3 tag declaration from yomo:"0x10" to y3:"0x10".

v0.7.6 2/2/2021

Core Changes

  • YoMo-Zipper configuration verification
  • Add use cases that demonstrate how to integrate with FaunaDB/SSVM/EMQX etc.

v0.7.5 1/26/2021

Core Changes

  • Refactor the validation of wf config.
  • Add example configs of the sender and receive zipper.

v0.7.4 1/26/2021

Bump y3-codec-golang to v1.6.2 to fix error with multiple subscribers.

v0.7.3 1/21/2021

Core Changes

  • Fix: one QUIC connection corresponds to one RxStream.

v0.7.2 1/20/2021

Bump y3-codec-golang to v1.6.1.

v0.7.1 1/11/2021

Rename yomo-codec-golang to y3-codec-golang, bump y3-codec-golang to v1.5.0.

v0.7.0 1/8/2021

Implement yomo-sink to receive the data from yomo-flow.

Core Changes

  • Distribute data to yomo-sink in parallel.
  • Add examples of yomo-sink.


v0.6.0 12/31/2020

Implement yomo-zipper (workflow) which receives the data from yomo-source, runs yomo-flow (streaming serverless) in pipeline, and distributes the result to yomo-sink.

Core Changes

  • Add CLI yomo wf run workflow.yaml [#62]
  • Add two examples of yomo-source.


v0.5.2 12/29/2020

Bug Fix

  • Cloud use yomo init demo for creating a yomo project quickly

v0.5.1 12/25/2020

Core Changes

  • Add yomo init [name].
  • Add yomo --version.

v0.5.0 12/23/2020

Improve yomo-cli

Core Changes

  • Add yomo build, yomo run and yomo version.
  • Emit mock data from remote emitter server when running yomo dev.

v0.4.1 12/19/2020

0.4.0 12/18/2020

Streaming-Serverless in Rx way with CLI support

Core Changes

  • Add CLI support [#61]
  • Serverless architecture [#58]
  • RxStream-oriented in handler func [#60]

Example Changes

  • example/app.go

v0.3.1 12/17/2020

update codec to v1.1.0

  • Solve the problem of base type encoding without wrapper node #66